Maria Erdős Ph.D.
chief advisor, managing director
registration number: 14/04839-2/2007

Our insights

Our professional environmental activity and consultancy are based on our continuously renewing expert knowledge and several decades widespread experiences, concerning especially the main areas as follows.
  • EU and domestic environmental public service:
    • knowledge and experiences concerning EU and Hungarian public service processes and institution,
    • development of national regulation on waste management and on eco taxation (e.g. product fee),
    • EU and Hungarian environmental legislation and compliance, many experiences with environmental permitting processes and professional support of appeals against resolutions issued by environmental authorities,
    • environmental strategy planning,
    • EU recommendations for green procurement, involvement in elaboration of national action plan.

  • Municipal solid waste management:
    • national strategy planning on municipal solid waste management development, 
    • knowledge and experiences with the application of waste management and eco taxation regulation,
    • recycling, recovery and disposal of household and institutional wastes (tasks of local government, producers’ responsibility, secondary raw materials, etc.),
    • national situation (statistics, surveys) and possibilities of selective waste collection,
    • development of selective collection and recycling of packaging wastes, special experiences with the first Hungarian PET bottles collection in supermarkets,
    • recycling of municipal solid wastes (e.g. reprocessing of secondary raw materials, incineration).

  • Environmental management:
    • planning, regulating and running of environmental processes,
    • development of environmental organizational structure, leading departments,  
    • project management (planning and implementation),
    • development and auditing environmental and quality management systems (ISO, EMAS, EFQM),
    • environmental performance management (planning, identification of KPI’s, measuring, evaluation, improvement),
    • environmental training,
    • involvement in the activity of domestic and international environmental organizations.

  • Industrial environmental protection:
    • corporate environmental policy and strategy planning,
    • environmental Due diligence (Stage 1 and Stage 2), auditing, IPPC related environmental impact assessment,
    • preparing and editing corporate annual environmental and sustainability reports,
    • industrial environmental related EU and Hungarian legislation and compliance, many experiences with environmental permitting processes and professional support of appeals against resolutions issued by environmental authorities,
    • environmental and technological risk assessment, SEVESO I-II. compliance,
    • environmental training,
    • monitoring, reduction and control of CO2 and other GHG gases emission,
    • chemical analytical and micro-biological environment measurements and surveys,
    • several operative environmental tasks (preparation of reports to the authorities, daily tasks, concerning air pollution, wastewater treatment, soil and groundwater protection, waste management and remediation),
    • application for EU and other environmental funds.

  • Environmental communication, PR and marketing:
    • preparation and editing environmental and sustainability reports,
    • professional support and wording for environmental brochures, films and video records,
    • elaboration of environmental communication program, organisation of open days, press conferences and other public events,
    • preparation of professional publications, press releases and articles,
    • elaborating and maintenance of web pages professional content.

Our goal is to have our widespread experiences for your benefit as well!

If we can assist you in any field of environmental protection - from a simple expert's opinion, through the permitting processes, to a complex project management - please, feel free to contact us!

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