Maria Erdős Ph.D.
chief advisor, managing director
registration number: 14/04839-2/2007

Municipal waste management


Generated quantity of municipal waste is continuously expanding as standard of living increases, meanwhile a lot of valuable material lands in the garbage cans. Therefore main task of municipal waste management are selective collection and recycling of those items that can be reprocessed, as well as safe and harmless recovery and disposal of the rest. We offer you our contribution in the solution of the concerning issues, based on our knowledge of the relevant legal environment, of the current Hungarian situation and on our professional experiences in the fields of waste management and utilisation of secondary raw material.

  • elaboration of waste management plans 
  • monitoring of waste management legislation
  • permitting processes of waste collection
  • permitting processes of waste recycling, recovery and disposal
  • monitoring of waste management funds
  • elaboration of environmental chapter of applications for waste manegements funds (GOP, KEOP, ROP)
  • preparation of environmental chapter of monitoring reports for waste management projects, financed by funds
  • increase effectiveness of waste management activity, considering also the possibilities of eco-tax (like product fee) legislation
  • administration of authority affairs

The list above is only an extract of our potential contribution. On request, we send an offer to you also for different individual cases, concerning this area.


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