Maria Erdős Ph.D.
chief advisor, managing director
registration number: 14/04839-2/2007

Industrial environmental protection


Industrial activities are accompanied with smaller or larger exploitation of natural resources and loading of our environment. Reduction of negative environmental effects is not only an external requirement for the industrial companies, but economical interest as well, while environmental pollution means losses of materials and energy at the same time. Based on our knowledge and practical experiences, we offer our contribution in the following areas, in order to minimize the load of environment.

  • company environmental strategy and program planning
  • monitoring of concerning environmental legislation and support the effective compliance
  • environmental permitting processes, representation and/or participation in legal inspections
  • preparation of documents required by the environmental authority, including documentation of environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • elaboration of environmental chapter of plans
  • environmental risk assessment 
  • monitoring and control of CO2 and other air polluters' emission
  • professional support of appeals against resolution issued by environmental authorities
  • assessment of BAT compliance
  • environmental project planning and implementation
  • elaboration of environmental training system, preparation of training materials
  • preparation of annual environmental  and sustainability reports
  • environmental liability assessment (Due diligence)
  • internal audit of environmental management systems, preparation for external audit
  • elaboration of environmental chapters of applications for financial funds
  • preparation of application documentation for "environmental friendly product" qualification

The list above is only an extract of our potential contribution. On request, we send an offer to you also for different individual cases, concerning this area.


If we can assist you in any field of environmental protection, please, feel free to contact us!

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