Maria Erdős Ph.D.
chief advisor, managing director
registration number: 14/04839-2/2007

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The recent biggest challenge for the humanity is undoubtably to achieve and long term sustain the balance of environmental, social and economical aspects. This issue has already become the key to mankind survival.

All of us are affected individually by the environmental problems, while we are able to provide solutions only together. As private persons, we can reduce the exploitation of natural resources by conducting environmental conscious life-style. Decision-makers can contribute to improving the state of environment by taking into consideration in a wide extent the environmental aspects in case of every single decision they make. As professional evironmentalists, through our special knowledges we are able to support every effort taken in environment's ineterest.

In this homepage we intend to present our tools and the ways they can be used whether for the prevention of undesired environmental impacts or for solution of already existing problems.

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