Maria Erdős Ph.D.
chief advisor, managing director
registration number: 14/04839-2/2007

Environmental communication


Activities of an organisation require co-operation with external partners, whose opinion might be determining concerning the efficiency of collaboration. Environmental performance is one of the main indicators that formulate the external stakeholders’ opinion of an organisation. Therefore it is important to professionally and credibly inform them about achievements and matters to be solved. In this we can help our Clients with our contribution in the following areas, using our previous practical experiences.


  • elaboration of environmental communication programs
  • organization of environmental press conferences
  • preparation of civil forums for discussing environmental concerns
  • organization of companies' open days 
  • elaboration and edition of environmental publications
  • preparation of environmental releases, presentations and articles
  • development of websites' professional content

The list above is only an extract of our potential contribution. On request, we send an offer to you also for different individual cases, concerning this area.


If we can assist you in any field of environmental protection, please, feel free to contact us!

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