Maria Erdős Ph.D.
chief advisor, managing director
registration number: 14/04839-2/2007

About us


Environmental consultancy is the main activity of our almost ten years operating family enterprise. This activity has been based on our more than 30 years experiences. Due to our professional environmental activities in the fields of public administration and energy industry, over these decades we could not only participate in the domestic and international environmental protection, but also contribute to its continuous development.


Up-to-date professionalism is a basic requirement in our company. We do our activity for the interest of our Clients with a deep commitment to the environment. We co-operate with several partner companies and institutions for having the best composition of expertise for each individual case of our involvement.

Please, have a look at our fields of expertise, and if we can assist you, feel free to contact us!

Professional environmental activities and consultancy are lead by Maria Erdős Ph.D. registered environmental expert, co-owner and managing director of the company. She was studying at the Budapest Technical University, graduating in chemical engineering in 1977, post-graduating in environmental protection in 1985 and incepting as Ph.D. in 1988.


Over the decades of her professional career in the field of environmental protection - especially in environmental public services and industrial environmental protection - she acquired wide range of skills and experiences as head of several professional departments, and as managing director. Thanks to her very advanced English and advanced German language knowledge, she was involved also in different international environmental activities.


While being active in different Hungarian and international environmental organisations, she was co-operating with noted representatives of this specialty. She was funding member of the National Environmental Protection Council (the advisory body to the ever Hungarian Government).



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Public environmental administration
Municipal waste management
Environmental management
Industrial environmental protection
Environmental communication